Never forget to relieve your face from the makeup before you go to sleep. Use this awesome homemade removal

The holidays are upon us. Christmas, New Year and all the celebratory activities that come with them are waiting for you in the next couple of weeks. Office parties, diners with friends and family and of course the New Year’s Eve are upon you.  This time of the year you put aside all diets, exercises, and other beauty rituals and give yourself to the flow and to your urges.

If these holidays are the only time of year you don’t look after yourself. Kudos! You are a great example for most of the human race. Even if you don’t want to make all your beauty rituals before you go to bed, just remember one think, that can really save your skin in these two weeks – don’t sleep with makeup!

Sleeping with makeup is the worst think you can do to your skin. Leaving those chemicals for the whole night will definitely cause you a lot of problems. It may even lead to inflammation or a skin rash. So if you do one thing right for your body during the holidays, let it be this – remove your makeup at night.

The makeup dries off your skin and this may result in losing elasticity, which will lead to some skin problems like acne, age spots, or rashes. You will lose your radiant look right before the celebrations.

We suggest not risking it with some chemical based removal, but with a natural one, that virtually has no side effects, and won’t lead to swelling in the worst time possible. So here we offer you a recipe to make your own makeup removal with milk. Notice that using milk on your skin if you are lactose intolerant is generally stupid idea, so this recipe is not for you.

The fact that milk is great for your skin is well-known for ages. In ancient Egypt queen Cleopatra used to bath herself in milk, and it is thought that the milk baths were the reason for her young and fresh look. Since here many royalties have done the same. Its secret is in the fat and proteins contained in the milk. They help to hydrate your body and allow your skin to retain its natural oils, so that they can keep your skin moist.

You should know that drinking the milk may have the opposite effect.  Thanks to the high content of fat, consumption of milk may lead to pimples, acne and eczemas. As a whole, drinking milk if you are not a child is a bad idea.

Using milk to remove your makeup is as easy as it is cheap. This method guarantees you not only to remove the makeup, but also to hydrate your skin – a think your skin desperately need after the makeup has dried it up. To make the removal add a tablespoon of almond oil to a bowl of milk and mix them well. Be sure NOT to use low fat milk, because the effect on your skin won’t be the same. After the mix is ready take a cotton ball and soak it in the milk. Rub it thoroughly on your face. It will clean your face from the makeup and will leave it refreshed and ready to sleep.

Use this removal every time you need to wash away your makeup. Don’t go to sleep with painted face.


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Lemons are your best friend. Learn why

Never underestimate a fruit. A every fruit is a God given natural vitamin bomb, that can’t be substituted with any artificial ingredient. The taste is wonderful, all of the ingredients are good for you, and there are no side effects. Some fruits are sweet, others are bitter, third are sour. Some are just delicious to be eaten,  and others are also very good for your body.

Let’s talk about the lemons. They are sour fruit that many can’t stand. But just one lemon covers up to 88% of the recommended daily dosage of vitamin C. It is full of nutrients and has absolutely no fats and cholesterol. Beware though, it is rich in acid and if you don’t eat lemons with moderation, you can get yourself a gastric ulcer.

As delicious as they are, lemons are can be used not only as a food source, but also in many other innovative ways. Thanks to its acid, the lemon is great for whitening your teeth. Your teeth can lose their natural white color due to many reasons. Smoking, drinking coffee and sodas are just a small portion of your teeth’s enemies. Well, the lemon is their true friend. Just slice a lemon and squeeze it. Mix the juice with some baking soda, dip a small cotton ball in the mix and polish your teeth. Be sure not to leave the mixture on your teeth for more than a minute, because the acid will damage your teeth’s enamel. Finish the procedure by gently brushing your teeth.

Lemon can be very useful in the winter months as they are the ones that are most vicious upon your lips. The cold air, the wind, the hot water in the showers that feel so good, all of them are leaving a scar on your lips. All those factors lead to withering. In most cases people buy themselves some kind of lip salve. But the trick is, that the once that are actually good for your lips are expensive.  Lemon can completely substitute them and heal your chapped lips. It removes all dead skin cells, and your lips become smoother and more kissable (Wink-Wink).  The only think you must do Is apply some lemon juice on your lips before you go to sleep and live it to work its magic through the night. In the morning wash off all the dead skin of your lips and you are ready.

Lemon can make wonders with your nails too. You use your hands every day and know fully well how much it hurts when you break a nail. The pain can last for days, depending on how severe it is broken. So what better way to help yourself then to make your nails stronger. Just soak them in a mixture of diluted lemon juice and they will become stronger. As a plus your nails will gain natural and healthy sheen.

If these examples are not enough to make the lemon your new best friend, nothing will. Nevertheless you should fully take advantage of the lemons special abilities.



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Say goodbye to the double chin with this easy exercise

You are a wonderful person. You have a great sense of humor, a pleasant personality and everyone around you treasures you. Yet you feel self-conscious and diffident, just because you have a double chin. This is not an exceptional occurrence. Many people have double or in some cases even triple chin. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and yet you can’t get it of your mind that people always stare at it.

Double chin occurs not only due to obesity, but also in fit people. This is the part of the body you train the least. The skin becomes saggy, and even if you treat it with great dedication nothing helps. Except for those 8 exercises that can defeat the double chin, and can bring back your beautiful cervix. They are easy to do, and all you have to spend is a little time. As a plus those exercises will help you prevent problems with your neck.

The Kiss

Lean your head back and look at the ceiling. Stretch your lips as if you are going to kiss the sky. Hold this position for 5 seconds. After that relax your lips and straighten your head. Repeat the exercise 15 times.

Tongue out

Open your mouth as wide as you can and stick your tongue out. Stay in this position for 5 seconds and relax. Make this move 10 times. You will soon feel “the burn” because many macules that you usually don’t use in everyday life are involved in this exercise.

Up and forward

Lean your head back and look at the ceiling. Bring the down part of your jaw forward and stay still for 10 seconds. At first you may have some problems in accomplishing this exercise, but do not quit. Hold as long as you can, and soon you will be able to hold it for the whole 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

On the side

Lean your chin to your breasts. Slowly turn your head to the right and hold this position for 5 seconds. Repeat the same thing to the left, and then relax. You should do the same exercise 6 times before you continue.

Tongue on your teeth.

Open your mouth as wide as you can. Put the tip of your tongue on your lower teeth. Inhale through the mouth and say “ah”. Keep doing this for 1 minute. Relax for a bit and then repeat it one more time.


Use your fingers to softly pat the skin between your chin and your throat. Do this for 30 seconds straight. This will stimulate the blood circulation and will burn the accumulated fat.

Front to back

Put your hand beneath your chin so your thumb and your other fingers will look like “V”. Start moving your head from front to back. You should feel how the muscles on the lower part of the face are contracting. Hold when the muscles are most tensed. Stay like this for 30 seconds and relax. Do the same exercise 4 times.

Lift your head

Lay in your bed so that your head is hanging from the edge. Slowly lift your head until your chin is aligned with your breasts. You should do this without moving your shoulders. Do the same thing twice.

That is all. Do these easy exercises every day and you won’t have double chin for sure.






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Your skin craves fruit and vegetables! Be a good buddy, and give it what it wants

Your skin is your best buddy. It’s always there and you can count on it to make you feel comfortable. In fact it has so many “tools” to provide your comfort, that you can’t even imagine them all. In the summer it produces sweat, so that you can cool your body. In the winter it bristles so that your body can be warmer. It has many functions, but for them to work properly you have to be your skin’s best buddy also.

To do so you don’t have to buy it neither expensive presents, nor you have to go great lengths to provide its necessities. After all your skin is a vital part of your organism, and as everything else in your organism, it feeds of the minerals and nutrients you take from the food. So don’t be surprised, that when you eat junk food for several meals a day, your skin starts to look greased up, and ill.

If you want to have a radiant, good looking well-functioning, attractive and smooth skin, all you have to do is eat fruits and vegetables. A lot of them! Try to include vegetables and fruit in every meal. And I don’t mean the tomato in your burger. I mean a genuine salad, made of fresh (not cooked) vegetables. For dessert don’t eat a cake for every meal. Substituted in with an apple, or a banana, or some other fruit, which is seasonal. If you get hungry between meals, no need to buy a burrito, or a hot dog, or some other junk. Just have a fruit.

Fruits and vegetables have rich supply of minerals and other vital ingredients. Most importantly they are part of our ecosystem and they are the natural way to feed our bodies and to supply them with everything they need to survive.

Amongst the stars in the fruit and vegetable world are the apples. Many people drink apple vinegar, a table spoon before they eat. Apple vinegar has many positive sides, but it has its hidden dangers. If you consume it not as a flavor adding, but as a drink, you may bring yourself a gastric ulcer. Instead just take a raw apple, and eat it. Apples are rich on vitamin C, which gives your skin a healthy and radiant look. It also can help stopping the skin from ageing. It has many benefits to your body and is recommended in most of the healthy diets.

Carrots for example are a vegetable that is perfect for your skin. As you might have guessed it is rich in carotene and vitamin A. This magnificent vegetable will help you in your battle against wrinkles and age spots. So eat at least one carrot a day. See how Bug Bunny loves them. This is why he hasn’t aged in over 75 years. Of course this is a joke, but the fact is that eating carrots will help your skin to look marvelous.

Be cautious though, because if you overfeed your body with carotene your skin will become orange. So eat no more than 3-4 carrots a day. In addition carrots are rich in calories, so you definitely should eat them in moderation.

Eat as many different vegetables and fruit as you can and your body will be healthy from the inside, and it would look great from the outside.

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Keep the silver in your hair at bay at least till you’re 40 with this awesome homemade recipe

You wake up one morning and look in the mirror. You are shattered by what you see – your first white hairs. You know that this is the threshold, and soon many others will emerge. Soon your head will have a new companion – stylish and silver. This would be OK if you are in your late 30-ties, or early forties, but not when you still have the big 2 in front of your years.

This is a nightmare and no matter how hard you pinch yourself, you just can’t wake up. Your friends will try to comfort you with the lies that this shows wisdom, but you know the truth. It’s all because of stress. We live in a world full of it. In the morning you are stressed that you’ll be late, in the noon you are stressed, that you don’t have enough time for lunch, the night you are worried that you won’t get enough sleep. Let me ask you: Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, thinking, that you missed your alarm clock? This is a classic example of stress.  And your hair is the one that will show it first.

Stress prevents your organism from producing melanin, which is responsible for your hair’s pigmentation. When the production of melanin ceases your hair starts to change color and becomes white.

Most people think that this process is irreversible and start dying their hair. This may result not only in loose of color, but in loose hair. And let’s be honest – silver hair is better than no hair at all, isn’t it? Well some man might prefer the bald macho look, but for a woman this is not an option. And why wear some kind of wig, when you can have your own hair. Some will give thousands of dollars for shampoos that allegedly will bring their natural color back. Some of them may actually work, but be sure that they are not the cheap ones. So be prepared to give a fortune to the pharmaceutical companies, or continue reading to see an easy, cheap and effective solution.

A simple homemade cure can bring back you natural hair color. All you need is 3 cloves of garlic, a tablespoon full of honey, 4 lemons and 200ml linseed oil. Slice the garlic and the lemon and put them in a bowl. Add the honey and the linseed oil and mic them well. In the end you should have a smooth creamlike substance. The remedy is ready. You should put it in a glass jar and keep it cool in the refrigerator.

It may come as a surprise, but you don’t apply this cream on your hair. You eat it. Take one tablespoon of the cure twice a day before eating. Soon the whitening of your hair will stop and the production of melanin will be restored. In time your hair will get its original coloration and your silver locks will be postponed until you are at least 40.


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