Never underestimate a fruit. A every fruit is a God given natural vitamin bomb, that can’t be substituted with any artificial ingredient. The taste is wonderful, all of the ingredients are good for you, and there are no side effects. Some fruits are sweet, others are bitter, third are sour. Some are just delicious to be eaten,  and others are also very good for your body.

Let’s talk about the lemons. They are sour fruit that many can’t stand. But just one lemon covers up to 88% of the recommended daily dosage of vitamin C. It is full of nutrients and has absolutely no fats and cholesterol. Beware though, it is rich in acid and if you don’t eat lemons with moderation, you can get yourself a gastric ulcer.

As delicious as they are, lemons are can be used not only as a food source, but also in many other innovative ways. Thanks to its acid, the lemon is great for whitening your teeth. Your teeth can lose their natural white color due to many reasons. Smoking, drinking coffee and sodas are just a small portion of your teeth’s enemies. Well, the lemon is their true friend. Just slice a lemon and squeeze it. Mix the juice with some baking soda, dip a small cotton ball in the mix and polish your teeth. Be sure not to leave the mixture on your teeth for more than a minute, because the acid will damage your teeth’s enamel. Finish the procedure by gently brushing your teeth.

Lemon can be very useful in the winter months as they are the ones that are most vicious upon your lips. The cold air, the wind, the hot water in the showers that feel so good, all of them are leaving a scar on your lips. All those factors lead to withering. In most cases people buy themselves some kind of lip salve. But the trick is, that the once that are actually good for your lips are expensive.  Lemon can completely substitute them and heal your chapped lips. It removes all dead skin cells, and your lips become smoother and more kissable (Wink-Wink).  The only think you must do Is apply some lemon juice on your lips before you go to sleep and live it to work its magic through the night. In the morning wash off all the dead skin of your lips and you are ready.

Lemon can make wonders with your nails too. You use your hands every day and know fully well how much it hurts when you break a nail. The pain can last for days, depending on how severe it is broken. So what better way to help yourself then to make your nails stronger. Just soak them in a mixture of diluted lemon juice and they will become stronger. As a plus your nails will gain natural and healthy sheen.

If these examples are not enough to make the lemon your new best friend, nothing will. Nevertheless you should fully take advantage of the lemons special abilities.



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