The holidays are upon us. Christmas, New Year and all the celebratory activities that come with them are waiting for you in the next couple of weeks. Office parties, diners with friends and family and of course the New Year’s Eve are upon you.  This time of the year you put aside all diets, exercises, and other beauty rituals and give yourself to the flow and to your urges.

If these holidays are the only time of year you don’t look after yourself. Kudos! You are a great example for most of the human race. Even if you don’t want to make all your beauty rituals before you go to bed, just remember one think, that can really save your skin in these two weeks – don’t sleep with makeup!

Sleeping with makeup is the worst think you can do to your skin. Leaving those chemicals for the whole night will definitely cause you a lot of problems. It may even lead to inflammation or a skin rash. So if you do one thing right for your body during the holidays, let it be this – remove your makeup at night.

The makeup dries off your skin and this may result in losing elasticity, which will lead to some skin problems like acne, age spots, or rashes. You will lose your radiant look right before the celebrations.

We suggest not risking it with some chemical based removal, but with a natural one, that virtually has no side effects, and won’t lead to swelling in the worst time possible. So here we offer you a recipe to make your own makeup removal with milk. Notice that using milk on your skin if you are lactose intolerant is generally stupid idea, so this recipe is not for you.

The fact that milk is great for your skin is well-known for ages. In ancient Egypt queen Cleopatra used to bath herself in milk, and it is thought that the milk baths were the reason for her young and fresh look. Since here many royalties have done the same. Its secret is in the fat and proteins contained in the milk. They help to hydrate your body and allow your skin to retain its natural oils, so that they can keep your skin moist.

You should know that drinking the milk may have the opposite effect.  Thanks to the high content of fat, consumption of milk may lead to pimples, acne and eczemas. As a whole, drinking milk if you are not a child is a bad idea.

Using milk to remove your makeup is as easy as it is cheap. This method guarantees you not only to remove the makeup, but also to hydrate your skin – a think your skin desperately need after the makeup has dried it up. To make the removal add a tablespoon of almond oil to a bowl of milk and mix them well. Be sure NOT to use low fat milk, because the effect on your skin won’t be the same. After the mix is ready take a cotton ball and soak it in the milk. Rub it thoroughly on your face. It will clean your face from the makeup and will leave it refreshed and ready to sleep.

Use this removal every time you need to wash away your makeup. Don’t go to sleep with painted face.


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