Your skin is your best buddy. It’s always there and you can count on it to make you feel comfortable. In fact it has so many “tools” to provide your comfort, that you can’t even imagine them all. In the summer it produces sweat, so that you can cool your body. In the winter it bristles so that your body can be warmer. It has many functions, but for them to work properly you have to be your skin’s best buddy also.

To do so you don’t have to buy it neither expensive presents, nor you have to go great lengths to provide its necessities. After all your skin is a vital part of your organism, and as everything else in your organism, it feeds of the minerals and nutrients you take from the food. So don’t be surprised, that when you eat junk food for several meals a day, your skin starts to look greased up, and ill.

If you want to have a radiant, good looking well-functioning, attractive and smooth skin, all you have to do is eat fruits and vegetables. A lot of them! Try to include vegetables and fruit in every meal. And I don’t mean the tomato in your burger. I mean a genuine salad, made of fresh (not cooked) vegetables. For dessert don’t eat a cake for every meal. Substituted in with an apple, or a banana, or some other fruit, which is seasonal. If you get hungry between meals, no need to buy a burrito, or a hot dog, or some other junk. Just have a fruit.

Fruits and vegetables have rich supply of minerals and other vital ingredients. Most importantly they are part of our ecosystem and they are the natural way to feed our bodies and to supply them with everything they need to survive.

Amongst the stars in the fruit and vegetable world are the apples. Many people drink apple vinegar, a table spoon before they eat. Apple vinegar has many positive sides, but it has its hidden dangers. If you consume it not as a flavor adding, but as a drink, you may bring yourself a gastric ulcer. Instead just take a raw apple, and eat it. Apples are rich on vitamin C, which gives your skin a healthy and radiant look. It also can help stopping the skin from ageing. It has many benefits to your body and is recommended in most of the healthy diets.

Carrots for example are a vegetable that is perfect for your skin. As you might have guessed it is rich in carotene and vitamin A. This magnificent vegetable will help you in your battle against wrinkles and age spots. So eat at least one carrot a day. See how Bug Bunny loves them. This is why he hasn’t aged in over 75 years. Of course this is a joke, but the fact is that eating carrots will help your skin to look marvelous.

Be cautious though, because if you overfeed your body with carotene your skin will become orange. So eat no more than 3-4 carrots a day. In addition carrots are rich in calories, so you definitely should eat them in moderation.

Eat as many different vegetables and fruit as you can and your body will be healthy from the inside, and it would look great from the outside.

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